Accurate, trusted, and personalized account intelligence, via conversational AI.

Accurate, trusted, and personalized account intelligence, via conversational AI.


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Deep Domain

DatabookGPT layers every response with insight from our decades of strategic selling experience and patented models. The result is highly actionable account intelligence you can use across all your key sales moments.



Unlike generic AI bots, we ground our answers in real-time, proprietary datasets, along with expert human-in-the-loop moderation, to create sales narratives you can trust to be current, factual, and relevant.



DatabookGPT doesn’t wait for you to ask questions. It pings you with proactive signals when accounts change, deals seem stagnant, or risks pop up.


Privacy &

DatabookGPT offers a 100% secure, trusted and private LLM experience built on AWS and your choice of LLM—whatever aligns with your approved technology.

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DatabookGPT's evolving capabilities will ensure access right within the key applications and workflows you already use, like Slack, Teams, and CRM systems.



DatabookGPT’s insights can be tailored to your company’s specific solutions, case studies, sales presentations, and more. Now you can easily craft targeted account strategies that align your use cases to buyer needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of questions / prompts can I ask DatabookGPT?

With DatabookGPT, you can ask any questions related to your account across various parts of the sales cycle, including:

  • Account Management: Company-specific insights for your account research and planning.
  • Strategic Narratives: Develop a plan to engage senior executives by addressing their urgent challenges.
  • Sales Outreach: Customize outreach messages for faster deal closure with impactful messaging.
  • Industry & Market Insights: Gain deep insights into trends and challenges in your customers’ industries.

In general, users tend to ask short informal questions that are at the top of their minds related to the above use cases. Take a look at some of our top recommended prompts here.

Does DatabookGPT respond instantly to questions?

During our ongoing Early Adopter/Beta phase, some of DatabookGPT’s generated responses are first moderated by human experts before being returned to you—which can result in a delay of anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. This process ensures accuracy and contextual understanding and is vital for fine-tuning our model to answer real-world questions. Don’t worry; as we progress through this phase, response rates will speed up quickly. 

Will the data I share with Databook be used to train OpenAI models such as GPT-4?

No. Your data will not be used to train OpenAI models. Please see this information about data privacy with Azure OpenAI.

Will Databook use data shared by early adopters to train its own models?

We are not using data gathered from customers or users in our Early Adopter phase to train our own model currently. If we wish to use this data in the future, we will explain our approach to training models and the safeguards in place, and obtain written permission from our customers’ security teams, before using their data to train a model.

How is DatabookGPT different from ChatGPT and other LLMs?

DatabookGPT is purpose-built for sellers, by sellers.

That means its entire foundation is centered on helping sales teams generate pipeline and close deals by answering the three why’s: Why change? Why now? Why us? DatabookGPT is grounded with the right data for this function, the right knowledge of the sales cycle, with domain expertise across numerous industries and markets, and the right capabilities to fulfill sellers’ needs productively—with both relevance and context. In this sense, DatabookGPT goes way beyond basic content generation to provide strategic lift when and where you need it most:

  • Account prioritization: Determine which customers to focus on based on real data—not just company size.
  • Account strategy: Ask DatabookGPT for a playbook that automatically connects your solutions to your buyer’s most urgent metrics and priorities.
  • Prospecting: DatabookGPT turns your account plan into specific outcome-focused narratives you can use to engage the right buyers.
  • Pipeline generation: DatabookGPT provides quality inspection of prospects from an outside-in perspective, helping you align strategic priorities, executive sponsors, and optimal timing for engagement.
  • Customer meetings: Prepare for discovery questions, crush competitive differentiation discussions, handle objections and identify compelling events and pain points to accelerate the sales cycle.
  • Deal review: Sales leaders can use DatabookGPT  to validate their team’s account strategy and coach them on how to elevate their messaging.

DatabookGPT’s trusted insights are current and backed by verified data and human moderators.

The technical term for this is Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), and that means we don’t just churn out responses using the limited data the language model was trained on. Instead, we also evaluate responses against a robust real-time dataset (not accessible by ChatGPT and other similar tools) covering 50,000+ companies and billions of data points. On top of that, some responses are audited by human experts—so you can trust that DatabookGPT is giving you the most current and accurate responses. Not only does this help the AI get smarter with every interaction, but it also eliminates those off-base, outdated or imaginary results that generic chatbots sometimes return (called hallucinations).

DatabookGPT proactively sends alerts and suggestions.

ChatGPT and similar chatbots are passive, meaning you have to go to them with specific prompts. They don’t initiate conversations with you—especially not conversations around your specific accounts and real-time, relevant changes. DatabookGPT is different. When there are updates on your accounts, or if deal progress seems stalled, DatabookGPT reaches out with a proactive nudge and recommended actions to keep you moving forward.

DatabookGPT meets you where you already work.

As we continue to evolve the product, DatabookGPT will be accessible to users not only through a web browser interface, but also within key applications you already use daily, like Slack and Teams, as well as SMS, email and CRM systems.

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