Buyers have changed, have you?

B2B buyers can know anything about a vendor before the first call. If they don’t immediately connect the dots between their needs and what you’re selling, the conversation is over before it begins.

Buyers behavior - Databook

No strategic conversation ever started over spam

Sellers are under pressure like never before – relying on tools for automation and scale. The byproduct? Canned pitches, generic data, and superficial “personalization” which equate to generic, low value sales conversations. Noise, inefficiency and missed opportunities all around.

Outreach by Volume is Spam

Tell a More Valuable Story

Databook helps surface information so quickly to us and that helps us drive that relevant message at the relevant time.

Angela Dupree
Salesforce VP, Travel, Transportation & Hospitality

45% reduction in time-to-close by upleveling IT conversations to full transformation messages

Since using Databook, our senior level access has improved, and has contributed to a 20% increase in average deal size for new opportunities.

Richard Dunkel
Richard Dunkel
(Former) Celonis Global Head of Field Enablement

You have to have a tool like Databook in order to empower your account team with trusted and reliable information…it has to be something that they feel confident in using.

Kevin Jordan
Kevin Jordan
Databricks Director of Sales Performance

[Databook gives us] a very easy way of seeing what our value prop can be, in what area of the customer’s business, and we can help our sellers articulate the right message.

Nancy Harlan
Nancy Harlan
UiPath Vice President of Global Account Based Marketing

What was a frightening challenge that required a large amount of analysis – I got through in a painless experience due to Databook.

Pat Eposito
Pat Esposito
(former) Microsoft Senior Specialist – Modern Work

[Databook] streamlined hours of research into a short timeframe and gave me competitive benchmarks I have never had at my disposal before.

Sam Ginnis
Sam Ginnis
Celonis Strategic AE

Databook gives you a data-driven approach to prospect new and existing use cases. You may think you have the best use case in mind, however, Databook’s AI derives the true best use case path.

John Frech
John Frech
Celonis RVP Oil & Gas

Databook has been a terrific asset for us… it’s created a level of efficiency that we haven’t seen before, so thank you very much for that.

Michael Caisse
Michael Caisse
Salesforce VP, Enterprise Architecture

I like Databook because it gives you a quick snapshot and the ability to dive deeper when you want to… that’s really going to help you with any unknown industry or account.

Stephanie Byrd
Stephanie Byrd
Schneider Electric Marketing Director

Better account planning across global GTM teams yields 191% increase in ACV

Tons of data, access to aggregated info and insight on a customer, well researched, well organized.

Bailee Walker
Bailee Walker
Miro Senior Value Advisor

Know what they know before
they know it

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Territory management

Optimize seller performance to ensure success and retention. Maximize time by prioritizing accounts that are most likely to buy based on the financial case for change, management intent, sentiment, and timing.

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Account planning

Reduce Account Planning time by up to 80% while improving quality and consistency. Align account teams around the best messages and strategies that automatically update with the latest account data.

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Sales Engagement

Take the guesswork out of prospecting and offer targeted account context to make sellers thrive. Enable your teams to quickly tell tailored stories, minimizing the gap between insight and execution.

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Strategic Relationship Management

Learn what it really means to put your buyer’s needs at the center of every sales motion.