Relationships built on mutual understanding create bigger, better deals.

Strategic Relationship Management - Frame
Strategic Relationship Management - ROI Statement

Go from transaction to meaning.

Relevance Chart

Relevance over volume

Persistence is key. Persistently irrelevant outreach is not. Sales requires a balance of quality and quantity. The world has over-indexed on the numbers game and we, for one, are tired of all the spam.

Square with Circle

People over personas

Personas are critical to market understanding. They are terrible for connecting with other humans. When you anchor on personas you stop listening to the person. They, in turn, will stop listening to you.

Circles inside one another

Customer success over transaction

Strategic, transformational conversations drive strategic, transformational value. These real partnerships yield real revenue.

Strategy Chart - SRM

Strategy over tactics

Tactical sales tools are great at automation and scale, but you can’t mass-produce meaningful engagement. Real relationships require strategy to unlock value.

SRM powers GTM strategy

From Rev Ops to Marketing to Sales and even Value Advisory, successful implementation of SRM unifies all functions around customer-centricity.

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