Craft emails that get noticed

Persistence is a key ingredient to success. Persistently spammy emails, on the other hand, get you nowhere. Save time finding the relevant sales message for each contact so you can put more time into connecting with the human on the other end of the internet.

Craft Email

Build trust & earn the right to a real discovery

Put your customer’s story at the center of your pitch for more meaningful calls and more won deals. Initiate a meaningful discussion by demonstrating an elevated understanding of your customers’ needs and status in the market without playing 20 questions.

Build Trust With Databook SRM
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Francis Barrett Quote

Going into Databook, I’m able to see the management intent, strategic priorities and initiatives, the operating model and effectiveness where they’re lacking. In 15-20 minutes, I can move all that information into an account plan and begin to craft the messaging.

Francis Barrett
Enterprise AE
Nancy Harlan Quote

[Databook gives us] a very easy way of seeing what our value prop can be, in what area of the customer’s business, and we can help our sellers articulate the right message.

Nancy Harlan
Vice President of Global Account Based Marketing
Kevin Jordan Quote

You have to have a tool like Databook in order to empower your account team with trusted and reliable information…it has to be something that they feel confident in using.

Kevin Jordan
Director of Sales Performance

Prepare for executive meetings like never before

Quickly brief yourself and your team on the most crucial customer facts. Head into meetings prepared and ready to speak to their business with ease.

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