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When account strategies couldn’t keep pace with industry trends and customer market position, a Fortune 50 technology company rolled out Databook as a fundamental pillar in its account planning process.

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Strategic Sales Heroes

Databook helps surface information so quickly to us and that helps us drive that relevant message at the relevant time.

Angela Dupree
Salesforce VP, Travel, Transportation & Hospitality

Since using Databook, our senior level access has improved, and has contributed to a 20% increase in average deal size for new opportunities.

Richard Dunkel
Richard Dunkel
(Former) Celonis Global Head of Field Enablement

You have to have a tool like Databook in order to empower your account team with trusted and reliable information…it has to be something that they feel confident in using.

Kevin Jordan
Kevin Jordan
Databricks Director of Sales Performance

What was a frightening challenge that required a large amount of analysis – I got through in a painless experience due to Databook.

Pat Eposito
Pat Esposito
(former) Microsoft Senior Specialist – Modern Work

[Databook] streamlined hours of research into a short timeframe and gave me competitive benchmarks I have never had at my disposal before.

Sam Ginnis
Sam Ginnis
Celonis Strategic AE

Databook gives you a data-driven approach to prospect new and existing use cases. You may think you have the best use case in mind, however, Databook's AI derives the true best use case path.

John Frech
John Frech
Celonis RVP Oil & Gas

Databook has been a terrific asset for us… it’s created a level of efficiency that we haven’t seen before, so thank you very much for that.

Michael Caisse
Michael Caisse
Salesforce VP, Enterprise Architecture

I like Databook because it gives you a quick snapshot and the ability to dive deeper when you want to… that's really going to help you with any unknown industry or account.

Stephanie Byrd
Stephanie Byrd
Schneider Electric Marketing Director

Tons of data, access to aggregated info and insight on a customer, well researched, well organized.

Bailee Walker
Miro Senior Value Advisor

Databook takes all the areas you would be searching through your search engine and collects everything an account owner needs in one place with great analytics.

Alana Weiss
Databricks Strategic Account Executive – Financial Services

Love being able to quickly digest and have the Executive fact pack emailed to me directly on a company's key objectives, financials and solutions. Great to have mapping of use cases to strategic priorities. Great to have Executive Bios.

Brett Matthews
Microsoft Manager, Customer Success

Databook is an easy to use, one stop shop for information on public company data. Truly a tremendous resource for public companies. No more scouring the internet for information… just use Databook.

David Hinojosa
Databricks Enterprise Account Manager

Very helpful to find information on my accounts in a quick and informational way. It gives all the right information without providing too much.

Emily Butler
Celonis Customer Advocacy Specialist

It gives you detailed insights of your customer including industry trends, potential usecases, and some of the best ways to attack them.

José Alberto Gutiérrez Galán
Databricks Senior Delivery Solutions Engineer

Allows me to easily make my product relevant to the company I am researching. It's a one stop shop for my account review. I don't need to spend time going to multiple sites and reading or listening to multiple earnings calls when I can easily search for keywords and dive deeper if needed.

Kate Higgins
Celonis Strategic Account Executive – Financial Services

Databook allows me to have customized assets generated on my behalf that saves time and allows me to focus on the revenue-generating activities instead of content creation, on top of valuable insights and a window into my customer.

Justin L
Microsoft Account Executive, Digital Natives

The engine associated with collected data from both market interactions and investors calls are simply amazing. Once you have your key words added to their algorithm, you'll have a comprehensive link between what you value most in your sales approach to what customers are actively looking for.

Rafael Teixeira
Qualtrics Head of Solutions – Latin America & The Caribbean

I cover many accounts and Databook helps me stay on top of their developments, latest financials, etc. instead of having tons of Google Alerts.

Walt Sharpton
Databricks Director, Business Value Consulting

Love that you get a deep dive into an account in a dashboard-like view! The customer success team is also AWESOME! They are so quick to respond and willing to do training.

Sabrina Bosch
Miro Account Executive

Insight, insight, insight… Databook gives me the one thing I've never had access to within our own company.

Chris Bodishbaugh
Schneider Electric Strategic Account Manager

Databook allows me to cut my preparation and research time down by 75%.

Steve Schwartz
Databricks Sr. Account Executive

Databook makes it easy to dive into a company's strategic priorities.

Brandt Martinez
Databricks Enterprise Growth AE

This should be a no-brainer for any sales team looking to arm their reps with the most tailored and targeted messaging to use in outreach.

Quinn Igram
Celonis Global Sales Enablement Mgr

Databook customers get more done

Customer Success is our business

You have to have a tool like Databook in order to empower your account team with trusted and reliable information…it has to be something that they feel confident in using.

Kevin Jordan
Director of Sales Performance
Databook quote from Kevin Jordan Databricks Customer Since 2019

[Databook gives us] a very easy way of seeing what our value prop can be, in what area of the customer's business, and we can help our sellers articulate the right message.

Nancy Harlan
Vice President of Global Account Based Marketing

Databook is an extremely powerful tool for analyzing and digging into your accounts. The main problem it is solving for me is to guide me around each account, so when I get someone on the phone with me or in a meeting, I am much more knowledgable about their business' current state.

Nino B
Enterprise Account Executive