Uncover the strategic story for any customer

Apply strategic sales at scale

Databook scours more than two million corporate disclosures to identify the strategic needs of tens of thousands of enterprises across all territories. Lose the tedium of time-consuming customer research and improve visibility into the potential of each account. Drive more effective outreach, collateral, and meeting prep.

Strategic Sales at Scale - Databook

Speed from planning to selling

Quickly advance to deeper insights within Databook to support execution against your strategy. Condense 21 hours of research to 15 minutes so your team can drill down and build powerful narratives. Access one-click downloads of key charts to use in sales collateral. Know the real opportunities ahead of time to make prospecting more efficient.

Achieve account planning scale with easy to download and interpret assets that give you the insights you need for executive audiences.
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Databook will revolutionize how you do account planning and how you prepare your reps to sell into their accounts. And it does all of this in a way that is entirely accessible to the average sales rep. Game. Changer.

Frank Perkins
(former) Salesforce
AVP, Enterprise Corporate Sales
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[Databook gives us] a very easy way of seeing what our value prop can be, in what area of the customer’s business, and we can help our sellers articulate the right message.

Nancy Harlan
Vice President of Global Account Based Marketing
Siddhartha A

Databook has enabled us to frame client problems in the context of their larger organizational goals, and get to those insights in a fraction of the time we used to.

Siddhartha Allen

To scale sales you need to scale strategy

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Dispersed Customer Data
Account Planning Strengths & Weaknesses vs Peers


Curated Customer Insights
Account Planning Strategic Need Cards


The future is in Strategic Opportunity Roadmaps
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The Most Valuable Skill Needed to build pipeline over the next 12 months?
The ability to develop better, more personalized strategies and content.

The roadmap to any strategic deal

Financial Pain

Financial pain

An area of weakness or opportunity tied to quantifiable, meaningful value. A great predictor of CFO buy-in.

Strategic Priority

Strategic priority

Key management initiative that indicates high likelihood of access to budget when tied to a financial case.

Relevant Use Case

Relevant use case

Why this customer should talk to you. How your solutions or products connect to their financial and strategic goals.

Executive Sponsor

Executive sponsor

An executive owner with vested interest in a specific area of financial or operational impact.